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Meet the Panhellenic Executive Board 

The 2023 Panhellenic Executive Board is comprised of ten women who are passionate and dedicated to involving the Panhellenic community on campus and in the Tucson community. Together, they govern the 13 Panhellenic sorority chapters with the intent of protecting and continuing Greek life's legacy so that it continues to remain strong at the University of Arizona. 


Nina, Panhellenic President


Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Class Standing: Junior

Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering/ History

Why did you Go Greek? I chose to Go Greek to find a community of people on campus with similar values to my own, and to make a large campus feel a little smaller!


Aspen, Vice President of Operations


Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Class Standing: Senior

Major: Systems Engineering/ Computer Science and Creative Writing

Why did you Go Greek? At my first university I wasn't planning to go Greek until my roommates and I decided to go to a recruitment event. There we learned about academic support that a lot of the sorority chapters had. When I transferred to Arizona the next year, I wanted to find the academic support through a club and even though Arizona is so much bigger than my first university I was able to find support that I needed and continue to need throughout college.


Maddie, Vice President of Membership

uapanhellenic.membership@gmail.com and   uapanhellenic.recruitment@gmail.com

Hometown: Salem, Oregon

Class Standing: Junior

Major/ Minors: Aerospace Engineering, Statistics and Data Science/ Creative Writing

Why did you Go Greek? I grew up hearing my parents speak so positively about their experiences in Greek Life and I always knew it was something I wanted to do! Being an out of state student, I really wanted to find my home away from home and make my greatest friends!


Brianna, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Class Standing: Junior

Major/ Minor: Biology/ Spanish

Why did you Go Greek? Coming from an all-girls high school, I knew that I wanted to find that same sense of sisterhood within the campus community. I went Greek in order to surround myself around powerful women who share similar interests and values as me. Going Greek opened so many opportunities for me and has allowed me to find some of my best friends. 


Ella, Vice President of Finance


Hometown: Peoria, Arizona

Class Standing: Sophomore

Majors/ Minor: Accounting

What has Greek Life given you? I went greek for many reasons, but the most important being community. Coming to a school with so many students I knew I needed to find a group of people who I shared the same values as. Since that moment I have never been happier. I meet so many amazing and empowering women everyday. I have made the best memories through greek life and found my forever friends.


Lane, Vice President of Community Standards


Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major/ Minor: Marketing

Why did you Go Greek? I went Greek to find a home in a completely new place. I knew it would be an overwhelming change and it was comforting knowing that I would be able to find my people. I always knew I’d join a sorority because of how much it positively impacted my mom but I had no idea it would lead me into opportunities I never would’ve found otherwise and help make me the person I am. I cannot express how incredible it is to have not only a house that can be a home away from home, but also to have a huge community of women who inspire and lift each other up.


Sydney, Vice President of Programming


Hometown: Greenwood Village, Colorado

Class Standing: Junior

Major/ Minor: Family Studies and Human Development/ Public Health

Why did you Go Greek? I went greek to find a group of people who would push me to be the best version of myself. I wanted to find sisters who would support me through the good times and the bad times, and push me to be a better version of myself through it all. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, and try something new, and Greek life helped me do this time and time again.


Audrey, Vice President of New Member Services


Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Class Standing: Junior

Major/ Minor: Broadcast Journalism/ Public Relations

Why did you Go Greek? I went greek to find life long friends and a home away from home :)


Livia, Vice President of Health Promotions


Hometown: Surprise, Arizona

Class Standing: Junior

Major/ Minor: Physiology and Medical Sciences/ Public Health

Why did you Go Greek? I went Greek because I wanted to find an inclusive space of empowering women who would uplift me throughout my college experience. I knew by joining a Panhellenic organization I would find exactly that!


Addie, Vice President of Public Relations


Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Class Standing: Sophomore

Major/Minor: Marketing

Why did you go Greek? I went Greek to find a home in a new state. I knew only my roommate coming here, so coming out of my comfort zone and rushing was something I decided was right for me. I now have found my home and am incredibly happy with the friends I surround myself with!


For Recruitment-related questions, please email uapanhellenic.recruitment@gmail.com