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Welcome to the United Sorority & Fraternity Council!

Thank you for your interest in the United Sorority & Fraternity Council (USFC).  Here you will find information about our mission & values, how to join one of our chapters, events throughout each semester, and more.

What is USFC?

USFC was founded on the University of Arizona campus in the spring of 2007.  USFC is composed of diverse Greek organizations, allowing them a voice and a connection on a more direct level with the University.

A Letter from the USFC President:

Dear University of Arizona Students,


The United Sorority & Fraternity Council (USFC) welcomes you to the University of Arizona and to the city of Tucson! The purpose of the USFC is to promote comradery amongst under-represented groups on campus and help provide a platform for these individuals. Inclusivity is one of the core values here at the U of A and our council is at the forefront of ensuring that this value remains instilled and consistently progressed. Although our organizations were founded on distinctive ideas and beliefs, each organization is inclusive and accepting of all people with different cultural and identity backgrounds. As diverse organizations, we strive to uplift our respective and shared heritage, values, and history.

No matter what fraternity or sorority you may join, and no matter if you are from near or far, you will discover lifelong connections. The college experience may be brief but the significance of it will last well into adulthood. The goal of the USFC is to help make the college experience worthwhile and provide a platform for individuals of marginalized identities who can use their experiences as a vehicle of pride and tenacity to conquer whatever comes their way in life after college. Our council is not united because we are different, we are different because we are united.

As a first generation college student and a Tucson native, this multicultural and identity-based community welcomed me with open arms and provided me with a platform to elevate and imbue my college experience. Collectively, my respective organization and the USFC provided the tools to cultivate a character of professionalism and to achieve my goal of becoming the first individual in my family to graduate from a university. From overcoming historical struggles, to prevailing in the midst of a pandemic, the most important lesson this community has taught me is “don’t quit.”


Bear down,

Raven Wilson

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