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We are currently offering antibody testing to students who are in Pima County and we will test healthcare workers and first responders across the state over the next 6 weeks. We will then begin offering antibody testing to students outside Pima County. The exact plan is in development. The viral tests (COVID-19) will be available when students return to campus. If you test positive, you will be asked to isolate in your residence.

  • For concerns about a specific student please contact uso we can find the best course of action to help.


  • For concerns about a specific fraternity or sorority's conduct please File a Complaint or for general concerns please contact us.

The majority of antibody testing is “point-of-contact,” which means a finger prick of blood is used for the test. Our test is a “blood draw” and requires several tubes of blood for inspection and analysis. The finger prick tests are less accurate because they use a smaller blood sample. The blood draw test that we are using is far better at measuring antibodies than any other test of its kind in the US. Here is more information about our approach to Antibody Testing.

The university will be following a Test, Trace and Treat approach. We will have both viral (for COVID-19) and antibody testing available on campus, followed up with contact tracing and treatment for those who have been exposed to the virus. In addition, masks will be available and social distancing will be practiced per CDC guidelines. Our Task Force working on re-entry will continue to formalize these plans in the coming weeks.

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