Philanthropy Advisory Board

The purpose of the Philanthropy Advisory Board is to approve, monitor, and regulate all philanthropic events hosted on or off The University of Arizona campus by fraternities and sororities through the Fraternity and Sorority Programs Office to ensure that all chapters host positive and successful events.  Philanthropy Advisory Board seeks to promote the true meaning of philanthropy, enrich the image of Greek Life on the U of A campus, and assist each chapter in fulfilling the Greek principle of serving the community and bettering itself.


To host a philanthropic event involving people outside of your own chapter please follow these steps:

1)  Review the PAB Bylaws to ensure all aspects of your event abide by them.

2) Complete both of these Registrations by 5pm on the Monday before your PAB meeting.  At least a month in advance is suggested.

3) Upload the following documents/information to your Box folder.  If you do not have your chapter's link, email to gain access.  In order to reserve a date for your event, ALL of the following must be uploaded to Box prior to your scheduled meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • a. Detailed Event Information & Itinerary -- (Charitable Cause, Rules, etc.): Provide a detailed itinerary outlining everything that will happen at the event and when it will happen. Itinerary should include schedule of the event day as well as whole week if event spans that  long.         

  • b. Budget: Budget consists of chapter budget, expenses, and expected revenue from event(s). At least 75% of money raised must be donated and if any money raised is used to cover expenses then that must be clarified in budget. Expected revenue should be at least 25%  more than expenses. Use this budget template!

  • c. Marketing Materials: Any marketing materials to be used such as flyers, banner designs, T-shirt designs, tickets, etc. This includes all social media materials and posts as well.  All marketing materials must follow UA Trademarks and Licensing policies and T-shirts must be made utilizing a vendor that is Greek Licensed.

  • d. Statement of Understanding Signatures: Signatures by at least 75% of the hosting chapter members verifying that they have reviewed PAB guidelines and ensuring members will abide by those guidelines during the entirety of their philanthropy event on the PAB signatures form. (this document should be scanned or have photos taken of each page; please title each file accordingly)

  • e. Judging/Scoring Rules: A detailed list outlining points participants will earn during the philanthropy event. It should also consist of the rules to be implemented during the event including the standards that participants and chapter members will be required to adhere to,  judging rules, scoring, etc

  • f. Participant Liability Forms: Liability forms that participants and/or chapter members will be required to sign to participate in the event. This must include all 3 entities (your chapter, PAB, and U of A). Liability forms must be included for any event that poses any sort of risk to  a participant or chapter member.

  • g. Copy of Insurance Certificate​: This will be the standard insurance your chapter has obtained through National HQ. If your event involves a head-to-head competition, liability forms, or anything high risk, you will probably need additional insurance.

  • h. Proof of Event Location: Documentation that shows confirmation that you have reserved the location. This documentation can be verified through a copy of an email from a campus official such as Mall Scheduling or the Rec Center. If the chapter is hosting the event at their chapter facility then the standard Copy of Insurance will verify the location.

  • i.  Coaching/Host Chapter Statement of Responsibility Signatures: If the host chapter has members as coaches for participants, 100% of the coaches will need to sign the Coaching Statement of Responsibility. This form is separate from the PAB Statement of  Understanding signatures. Coaches will sign ensuring they are aware of PAB coaching guidelines and will review proper conduct with their teams. (this document should be scanned or have photos taken of each page; please title each file accordingly)

  • j. Student Organization or Campus Partnership: Provide documentation of contact with any organizations or campus partners you will work with for the event.

4) Schedule a meeting with PAB.

5) Attend your meeting

6) Host your event

7) Submit the PAB Follow Up Form the Monday following your event.

8) Percentage Night Registration Form must be submitted two business days before event.


Planning Resources



Reserving the UA Mall or other campus outdoor space (including Greek Heritage Park)

Requesting tables, chairs, trash cans, ect. from Facility Managment