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Welcome to the Interfraternity Council!

Thank you for your interest in the Interfraternity Council (IFC).  Here you will find information about our mission & values, how to join one of our chapters, events throughout each semester, and more.

A Letter from the IFC President:

Dear potential fraternity members,

Joining an Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternity is an honored and uniquely American experience. An experience that will teach you the core values of service, citizenship, leadership, and academic achievement. The University of Arizona has taken part in this fraternal experience since 1915 when our Greek Community was born. Since then, IFC fraternities have strived to and succeeded in making leaders out of students like you. One’s membership in a fraternity organization is a privilege and a platform to come together as members, as brothers, and as leaders to make a difference on our campus and in our community. Wearing one’s Greek Letters holds a standard like no other. A standard that pushes one to lead by example and to leave a lasting legacy in the minds of everyone they encounter. The fraternal experience on our campus is aimed to elevate one’s collegiate endeavors by investing in our IFC members, building them up so that their actions and interests best reflect our council within the local community.

Though specific values may differ, all IFC fraternities believe to develop men of scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood. Each fraternity member is taught the value of strong academics and encouraged to succeed by those around him. Prestigious leadership titles in organizations across campus are often held by fraternity members, who have been tested in leadership since joining their organization. Each chapter dedicates itself to helping the community through efforts of philanthropy and service, in an effort to benefit those around it. Every fraternity supports a loyal brotherhood, filled with brothers united by the powerful and transformational experiences they share.

Without the experiences I had in a fraternity, I would not be the man I am today. I would not be motivated to push myself to excel in my classes. I would not be able to help guide my peers in their endeavors as a leader. I would not be able to proudly say that I have given back to the Tucson community. I would not be able to have an unbreakable friendship with somebody that I call brother. But because I am a fraternity man, I can do those things. I firmly believe that each and every young, college-bound man should choose to go greek and enjoy this great experience. I am excited for you to make that choice, and I’m excited for you to find your new home.


Chuy Dominguez

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