Welcome to Fraternity & Sorority Programs

Welcome to Fraternity & Sorority Programs

Why We Exist:

Fraternity & Sorority Programs exists to develop innovative approaches that empower fraternity and sorority members to tackle their greatest challenges, create change for the common good, and realize their full potential.

Our Priorities:

  • Safety and Harm Prevention. We want our fraternity and sorority members to have a fun, memorable, and safe experience. Through training, education, and coaching, we provide the necessary tools chapters need to create a safe, healthy, and responsible environment that allows all members to be successful in their daily endeavors.

  • Leadership and Educational Development. Our programs help students gain deeper self-awareness, build self-confidence, develop new skills, and ultimately build a better society for themselves and others.

  • Human Dignity. We support a sense of acceptance, inclusion, and identity for all members of the Arizona Greek community and facilitate programs that seek to better the experiences of historically underserved identities.

  • Commitment to Innovation. To help organizations and students reach their full potential, we challenge conventional thinking within the fraternity and sorority life profession.

Our Core Values


  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Exploration

  • Adaptation

  • Inclusion

  • Determination


Fraternities and sororities are self-governing organizations that are responsible for following policies and procedures outlined by their own international/national organization, their respective governing council, and the University of Arizona. Fraternity & Sorority Programs includes full-time staff, with Master degrees, that support the University’s purpose and mission.    

Legacy Program

Legacy Program

A strong Fraternity and Sorority community reinforces the University’s strength. The UA Greek community continues to be a leader in the fraternal world and has developed proactive cutting edge programs for our community.  Students entering our community will experience the Arizona Legacy Program, which addresses key areas: Academics, Leadership Development, Health & Wellness, and Advisory Support.

History of the University of Arizona Greek Community

History of the University of Arizona Greek Community

Arizona Greeks have established many traditions the entire student body enjoys.

Parent & Family

Parent & Family

By joining a fraternity or sorority your student will be joining hundreds of others at the University of Arizona in search of leadership opportunity, community involvement, academic success, and life-long friendship. Thank you for taking the time to research what the fraternity/sorority experience will offer your student.