Healthy Manhood

The Next Generation of Fraternity Men

The Interfraternity Council and the United Sorority & Fraternity Council have partnered with Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse and A Call to Men to create the Healthy Manhood initiative. The purpose is to educate fraternity men that their ideas about manhood, women, and girls have been shaped by their collective socialization. “The messages that the media and culture bombard men with tell men that women are objects, property, and have less value than men.” (A Call to Men)

The Healthy Manhood initiative aims to raise a fraternity man’s consciousness about his collective socialization so that he can think critically about how he might be reinforcing or passing on these harmful beliefs and so he can challenge those beliefs in other fraternity men.

IFC A Call to Men Fall 2019 report

IFC A Call to Men Fall 2020 report

Healthy Brotherhood Workshop

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Each semester, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) fraternities’ welcome new men to their organizations. Men who join are primarily freshman and sophomores. During recruitment, each potential new member must complete the Healthy Brotherhood program. The program is approximately 1 ½ hours long and is facilitated by content experts from Emerge Center Against Domestic Abuse and Boys to Men Tucson (both are 501(c)(3) Nonprofits). The Healthy Brotherhood program is a place for fraternity new members to discuss manhood, what it means to be a man in college, and their role in ensuring the health of themselves and others.


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