Greek Academy

Want to connect with other Greek students and build your academic toolkit at the same time? Check out Greek Academy!

Greek Academy is an interactive, five-week program offered by Fraternity & Sorority Programs. This program is reserved for members of Greek organizations. For full SOE points, IFC and PHC organizations are required to have at least two members register and complete Greek Academy, and USFC organizations are required to have at least one member register and complete Greek Academy.

Greek Academy is designed to provide Greek students with the tools they need to succeed at the University of Arizona. Students will reflect on their academic habits, learn from other students, and put academic skills into practice.

The program is designed to help Greek students:

  • Navigate the University of Arizona
  • Refine College Reading and Writing Skills
  • Understand Procrastination
  • Cope with Academic Obstacles
  • Communicate with Professors

Students who have attended similar workshops over the past three years have told us that the top five study skills they developed were organization, better overall study habits, time management, preparing for exams, and an improved study environment.


This program will be held in Fall 2024. More information in regard to registration will be available soon. Please contact our Graduate Assistant, Jocelyn Garcia (, for more information about Greek Academy or chapter academic programming.