Greek Leadership Boards

Greek Standards Board (GSB)

The UA Greek Community is committed to accountability of all its organizations. The Greek Standards Board exists as a peer regulatory organization with a purpose of maintaining the Greek Community and to protecting the rights of all people within, as well as outside of the Greek Community. Composed of nine students selected by their peers and the Dean of Students Office, the Greek Standards Board is highly regarded for their integrity.

Philanthropy Advisory Board (PAB)

The Philanthropy Advisory Board seeks to promote the true meaning of philanthropy, enrich the image of Greek Life on the U of A campus, and assist each chapter in fulfilling the Greek principle of serving the community and bettering itself.   

Philanthropy Advisory Board is a student run board comprised of 7 board members, led by the PAB Director, and advised by staff within Fraternity and Sorority Programs who provide guidance, approves, monitors, and regulate all philanthropy philanthropic events hosted on or off The University of Arizona campus by fraternities and sororities through the Fraternity and Sorority Programs Office to ensure that all chapters host positive and successful events.


Greek students hanging out together