Marcos Guzman, M. Ed.

Associate Dean of Students

- Responsible for the overall department operations. 

- Manage all departmental personnel

- Advise the Interfraternity Council 

- Works with legal, public relations, and other matters that affect the university.

- Prepare and manage the department’s budget and financial activities 

- Manages the development of the goals, strategies, plans and policies. 

- Oversight of the standards of excellence implementation.

- Establish and maintain relationships with Greek affiliated trade associations and inter/national headquarters.

- Responsible for planning, implementing, and promoting alumni programs and engagement initiatives.

- Oversees Housing policy and house board and director communication and collaboration. 

- Oversees fund development.

- Community assessment.

- Chair Hazing Prevention Coalition and all hazing prevention projects, including hazing prevention week

- Responsible for chapter presidents onboarding and presidents forum 

- In charge of executing loss of recognition procedure 

- Serve On-call for FSP and Hazing Hotline