Laura John, M.A.

Senior Coordinator of Leadership and Educational Initiatives
she, her, hers

- Advise the Panhellenic Council

- Responsible for the development and execution of the department’s The Olympian: A Health & Wellness Initiative,  The Aristotle: Academic Support Initiative, and the Global Citizenship & Human Dignity initiative. 

- Teaches for-credit course: ANGLE 

- Ensure programs under the Leadership Development Experience happen.

- Develop and execute GREAT Greek Weekend.

- Facilitate other programs that enhance organizational success and promote leadership development. 

- Implement Greek Speak. 

- Ensure student participation in nationally recognized programs, such as AFLV West, NBGLC, UIFI, NCORE, and LeaderShape 

- Supervise a Graduate Assistant

- Supervise an Undergraduate Student Worker, Multimedia Marketing Specialist

- Serve On-call for FSP and Hazing Hotline

- Assist with student organization conduct investigations