• A Place to Call Home

    The Fraternity & Sorority community can provide a home for students at the University of Arizona.  Only 27 of the 48 chapters have facilities, and usually only sophomores and juniors live in.  Learn more about fraternity and sorority housing. 

  • Friendship

    One of the strongest values in the University of Arizona Fraternity & Sorority Community is friendship.  Students create friendships within their chapter and the entire community.  

  • A Balanced Bear Down Life

    Being a member of a fraternity or sorority allows students to make friends across campus, network with professional and lead a full and successful Bear Down Life!  Fraternity and sorority members are more likely to persist to graduation.   Being a good fraternity or sorority member means leading a balanced life, making time for friends and family.  

  • Gamma Alpha Omega

    Gamma Alpha Omega won the Dean's Award for Excellence for 2012.  The chapter has exceeded in every area, has one of the highest GPAs in the community, and achieved the level of Excellence for the last two years.  Read about all the award winning chapters. 

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