• IFC Fraternity Recruitment

    IFC Spring recruitment is not formal in the spring semester but you must register.  You must have a 2.5 college GPA to join.

  • ___

    There is no formal sorority recruitment process in the spring semester.  There is no registration process.  All of the sororities will be present on January 21st to discuss their organizations.

  • Journalist Geraldo Rivera Funds UA Greek Heritage Park

    "It really is something that I find tremendous pride in honoring, in remembering and now in helping to perpetuate that century-long tradition of Greek life at the University of Arizona," said Rivera, a member of the Class of 1965, a Tau Delta Phi and 2015 Order of Omega Greek Hall of Fame Recipient....

  • Greek Heritage Park

    To commemorate the heritage and collective achievements of Greek Life at the University of Arizona over the past century, famed journalist Geraldo Rivera and his lovely wife, Erica, have donated $500,000 for the construction of the Greek Heritage Park.

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