Housing Policy

The University of Arizona is empowered to, and has historically exercised its power, to determine which student organizations can operate as officially recognized student organizations. A student organization residential is defined as:  Any real property, whether on or off campus, owned, controlled, or otherwise operated by a recognized student organization that provides overnight housing accommodations to its members while enrolled in and attending the University (Residential Organization).

In the case of Residential Organizations, the University has an interest in protecting and promoting the health and safety, of students who live in such facilities, as well as in promoting good relations with non-University landowners or non-Club student users whose properties adjoin such facilities.  This includes ascertaining whether such Residential Organizations promote neighborhood sanitation and maintain their facility in a manner similar to adjoining properties.  Promoting the health and safety of students is one of the primary goals for the University of Arizona.  In an effort to increase traffic safety, improve sanitation, decrease criminal activity, promote good neighbor relations and safe behaviors, Residential Organizations shall comply with the following policies.

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