Expectations of Members

Before joining a fraternity or sorority please know what the obligations of membership are.  Each organization sets requirements specific to their own mission, however there are some expectations for the entire community.   The University is supportive of the goals and  ideals of the fraternity and sorority community, which are expressed in the four pillars: academic achievement, leadership, service, and citizenship.  When partnered with The University of Arizona mission statement, “To discover, educate, serve and inspire,” the goals become a powerful force driving community activities.  Chapters are required to participate in the Standards of Excellence, the following expectations are how members help the chapters meet expectations. 

Minimum Expectations

  • Each chapter member is expected to complete a minimum of 8 community service hours  each semester.
  • Each new member of a fraternity or sorority is expected to attend New Member Symposium during their first semester of membership.
  • Each chapter member should have a job, internship or be involved in a club outside of the chapter. 
  • Each chapter member is expected to exemplify the Greek Values of Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Friendship.
  • Each chapter and chapter member is expected to uphold the UA Greek Standards of Excellence and the Greek Community Standards.
  • Each chapter member is expected to adhere to the UA Code of Conduct.
  • Each chapter member is expected to participate in UA and Tucson community leadership and service opportunities.



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