Which organization is the best?

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We encourage students and families to view the Judicial History, Standards of Excellence results and Grade Summaries to determine the best organization to join.

How can I find out what organizations are/ have been on probationary periods?

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To view the disciplinary status of particular organizations, visit the portion of our website dedicated to judicial history. If an organization is not listed on this site, the university does not recognize it, or the group has no judicial history.

When can my student join a fraternity or sorority?

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The Fall semester offers the largest number of opportunities for a student to join a fraternity or sorority. Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment and IFC recruitment are both held prior to the beginning of the fall semester. IFC recruitment may contain after classes begin for some groups and NPHC and USFC will hold information sessions within the first month of classes. For dates please visit the council websites, greeklife.arizona.edu.

What are the costs associated with joining a fraternity or sorority?

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For Interfraternity Council fraternities, one-time expenses are the new member and/or the initiation fee. Recurring expenses include: chapter dues, national fees, social fees and risk management insurance. For organizations with houses, room and board (if living in a chapter facility) may also apply. Many fraternities require meal plans.

For NPHC organizations, the expenses paid upon initiation may include the new member and/or initiation fee, pin fee, national, regional, and local dues. The yearly expenses may include national, regional and local dues and risk management insurance.

For USFC chapters, the totals vary greatly. Encourage your student to inquire about each organization’s specific fees.

For Panhellenic sororities the costs will differ on where a students joins one of the 12 housed groups or one of the 3 multi-cultural/special interest groups. Costs are higher during the first semester of membership.

Can my student live in the chapter house as a new member?

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New members should not expect housing on fraternity or sorority property. After the first year at the University, and once your student is an initiated member, each organization with a house will make rooms available according to their own processes.

What is the University’s stance on alcohol and drug abuse?

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The University of Arizona recognizes that the use of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age is a matter of personal choice. The University requires that those who choose to drink on University property abide by state law and University regulations, and expects that such individuals will conduct themselves responsibly, mindful of the rights of others.

What is the University’s stance on hazing?

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The UA seeks to promote a safe environment in which students may participate without compromising their health, safety or welfare. Under this guideline and per Arizona State Law, hazing is not permitted at the institution. For more information on hazing, the definition of hazing, warnings signs and alternative to hazing please visit our hazing prevention section. All hazing incidents will be investigated and if found to be truthful will be adjudicated.

Is my student guaranteed a bid or guaranteed to be able to join?

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No student is ever guaranteed a bid or an invitation for membership in a fraternity or sorority.  Each organization has membership standards that they are required to uphold.  These can include but are not limited to GPA requirements, current/past involvement requirements, or current /past community service involvement.  During the recruitment process for Panhellenic organizations women are given information on other involvement opportunities on campus in order to provide them with other options for getting connected to the institution. 


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