Pillars of Greek Life

The fraternity & sorority community at the University of Arizona follows the pillars of Scholarship, Leadership, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Service and Networking.  


Fraternities and sororities offer many resources and programs to enhance the academic experience for their members. Minimum grade point averages are required in each chapter for affiliation, initiation and maintenance of good standing. This support comes in many forms. Study tables offer members an opportunity to study in a quiet and cooperative environment. Major matching allows members sharing majors or classes to study together or tutor each other. Incentive programs recognize members for their academic achievement and scholastic effort. Several of our chapters participate in the Faculty Fellows program sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, giving members an opportunity to develop critical relationships with faculty members outside the classroom. Our academic efforts are self-evident, as approximately 28% of fraternity and sorority members received a 3.5 or higher in 2013.

Leadership & Involvement 

Fraternity & Sorority Programs provide an excellent place to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to develop strong leadership skills. The Greek community at the UA is self-governing, giving student leaders the opportunity to shape policies and standards for their own organizations as well as the wider fraternity and sorority community. Serving as an officer or committee chair in a chapter, honorary, or governing council will help an individual develop a multitude of leadership skills, including but not limited to conflict management, delegation, decision making, and effective communication skills. Being a member of a fraternity or sorority provides a conduit for involvement in other areas of campus such as student government, clubs, organizations, and campus honoraries. Past Greeks hold some of the highest leadership positions and honors on campus, including student body president and Homecoming King and Queen. Nationally, our chapters provide opportunities for members to attend regional and national leadership training conferences.

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Throughout the college experience at The University of Arizona, the friendships that our members make within their chapters last a lifetime. Whether you come to college with or without friends, the opportunity to become part of a fraternity or sorority transcends the typical. Brotherhood and Sisterhood are bonds of unity and enduring friendship. These bonds reach not only between members within each chapter, but also among chapters throughout the nation, as each organization shares history and founding ideals. By becoming a member of the UA fraternity and sorority community, you will experience an easier transition from high school to college and gain a “home away from home.” You will be in the perfect position to meet other students with diverse backgrounds, similar interests, and new perspectives during some of the brotherhood and sisterhood activities such as camping trips, bowling nights and pool parties.


UA Fraternity and Sorority members take service to others to heart through philanthropic and community service endeavors. Each member is asked to do 8 hours of service each semester.  On average the University of Arizona Greek Community does more than 20,000 service hours each semester. In addition to service, each chapter holds annual fundraisers for their local or national philanthropies. The community donates more than $200,000 each year to charitable organizations. 


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